PLAY Extraordinary Experiences

1. Outerspace Excursion on Virgin Galactic
2. Formula 1 Racing Experience
3. Riding Elephants in Indonesia
4. Swimming with Whales in Tonga
5. Ice Igloo Hotels in Switzerland and Germany
6. Climbing Kilimanjaro
7. Exploring the Backwaters of Kerala, India
8. The Buddhas of Borobudur
9. Mesa Verde’s Cliff Dwellings
10. The Pushkar Camel Fair
11. The Temple of Poseidon
12. Ipanema Beach
13. Explore Antarctica
14. Explore the Amazon Rain Forest
15. Golf with Donald Trump at Trump’s Private Golf Course
16. Tour Celebrity Club Mansion in Palm Beach
17. Go Sport Fishing in Costa Rica & stay at the White House
18. Charter a yacht through the Grenadine Islands
19. Take a private jet to Moscow to a Russian Balet
20. Galapagos, Evolution – International Expeditions
21. Outback in Queensland, Australia
22. Scuba Dive the Papua New Guinea Reefs
23. Ride a Camel through the Ténéré desert of Niger, Sahara
24. Safari through Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
25. Surf around the world
26. Venezuela’s Tepuis – Angel Falls – highest falls in the world
27. Frederic Chopin, Poland & Baltic Coast – Isle of Hiddensee
28. Take a cruise on the Tu Moana 7 Ti’a Moana, French Polynesian Islands
29. Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island, Australia
30. Eco Resort – Dugong Beach Lodge, Mozambique
31. Ali Moudira, Luxor, Egypt
32. Casas Rapa-nui, Easter Island – Volcano trek, Reef diving
33. Sare, France – secret village
34. Dogsledding in British Columbia, Canada – Four Seasons Whis