Best Luxury Wedding Venues in California

There might not be much in a name, but the venue of your wedding definitely means a lot. Your wedding venue is the place where you would create some amazing memories – but how do you choose the best wedding venue out there?

California has a problem of plenty when it comes to wedding venues and it can really become quite confusing for you to select the ideal venue for your wedding. Before finalizing your wedding venue, browse through the extensive number of the best luxury wedding venues in California and make the wedding day the most romantic and exciting event of your life.

Options for the top luxury wedding venues in California range from the charming outdoor spaces to the fascinating indoor ones. Just go for the one you want keeping in mind your preference, budget and also the number of guests you are inviting.

Ritz-Carton Half Moon Bay

A luxurious destination that is spellbinding and astonishingly beautiful – a perfect venue for your wedding, is the Ritz-Carton Half Moon Bay. Snuggling along a cliff that overlooks the awe-inspiring Pacific Ocean the Ritz-Carton Half Moon Bay attracts couples from all over the state and rest of the United States as well. It allows them to enjoy their wedding while exploring the Californian shoreline.

Another special feature of a wedding at Ritz-Carton Half Moon Bay is the scrumptious culinary specialties served here by the leading chefs of the nation. The spacious ballroom here accommodates hundreds of guests at a time, adaptability of this space being also provided for weddings of lesser strength of the guests.   This Californian wedding venue is one of the finest options for your wedding in California.

You can plan for your wedding at Ritz-Carton Half Moon Bay against charges that include taxes, service taxes and cost of fine delicacies and exotic drinks. So for organizing a romantic and charming wedding, Ritz-Carton Half Moon Bay serves as one of the classiest venues for wedding in California.

The Merchants Exchange Building

Your wedding is the best ceremony of your life and you surely want to cherish the special memories of this day for the rest of your life. So for making your wedding day a more beautiful and memorable one a luxury wedding venue in California is going to the most fitting one.

The Merchants Exchange building in San Francisco is the perfect venue for a luxurious wedding in California, the exteriors embodying the old-world charm and the interiors featuring the most lavish latest conveniences. The spacious ballroom, which features intricately designed interiors in a 4,100 square feet area, can hold hundreds of guests at a time. The five adjoining reception areas along with the lounge and bar is spread over spaces of different dimensions – 360 square feet to 1,223 square feet – all being richly adorned with expensive European teakwood and other exquisite fittings.

The event organizing team at San Francisco Merchants Exchange Building has the experience of decades in organizing the most luxurious weddings of San Francisco, as well as various other upscale ceremonies and events. The matchless location, interiors and conveniences at Merchants Exchange Building in San Francisco coupled with the successful professional record of the onsite event organizers, allow you to make your wedding day a great one. You need not worry about a single arrangement related to your wedding venue and wedding celebrations.

It’s a bit expensive when organizing your wedding at the San Franciscan Merchants Exchange building though and you may need to pay up anything from $8,500 to $ 15,000 including the furniture, dance facility, cutleries and crockery. You have to pay just 25% of the total fees as an advance for ensuring that you are going to enjoy the best day of your life at this majestic venue of San Francisco California.

The Nestledown

If you are looking for an exotic wedding venue – a really special and unique one for making your wedding the most unforgettable and exciting happening of your life, explore Nestldown in Los Gatos town. The wedding venue will surely let your wedding be a really eventful one. The pictorially set luxurious property of Nestldown wraps 180 acres the nestledown los gatos play conciergeof an unspoiled patch of luxuriantly appointed land. Mesmerizing views of the magnificent Santa Cruz Mountains complement the blissful ambience of your wedding venue at Nestldown – complete with natural embellishments of waterholes, gardens, redwood trees and cascading streams augment the charm of your day of wedding.

The exclusive conveniences featured for you and your guests at this property comprise of some very interesting means of conveyance, such as a small train that accommodates up to 25 passengers at a time, a classic London cab, fantasy cottage and an inviting tree house.

This upscale property of Nestldown, dedicated to weddings and several other events, can serve a maximum of 200 guests, the price charged for an event here usually being $6000 or more. The charges vary here according to the date and the number of guests to be accommodated as well. It’s a dream-come-true experience for you when you plan to organize your wedding at Nestldown.

The thriving center of Silicon Valley is home to the Freedom Hall and Gardens – another natural retreat amidst serenity and beauty – a unique blend of natural riches and man-made luxuries. Set in Santa Clara, the Freedom Hall and Gardens has updated its features shortly, which include its granite tops, elegant wooden floorings and long windows, which provide its guests with compelling views of the sprawling greeneries. Customized packages are offered to the prestigious guests like you at Freedom Hall and Gardens, which comprise of the catering facilities, served to around 250 guests at a time. Charges here begin at $79 per guest and the amount that you need to pay as an advance is $1,500.

St. Regis Monarch Beach

If you want to organize your wedding in South California as the most luxurious and delightful event of your life, the St. Regis Monarch Beach offers you one of the finest options for a luxurious wedding venue in California.  Each detail is taken care of only for you so that the wedding of your dream can turn into a pleasant reality. You can plan for your wedding without worrying about the number of guests you are about to invite for your wedding as St. Regis Monarch Beach can accommodate any number of guests up to a maximum of 800.

Located in Orange County of Southern California, St. Regis Monarch Beach features for you the exclusive venue of Grand Lawn, which opens up to the property’s onsite pool, and also allows you to enjoy the fascinating views of the oceanic waters of the Pacific. The dedicated Pacific Ballroom, which extends over an area of 12,000 square feet, is one of the most luxurious venues for all types of wedding in California. The ballroom is lavishly appointed with exquisite frescos of natural settings, traditional chandeliers and casketed ceilings. Club 19 is another elegantly adorned open terrace that overlooks the awe-inspiring Pacific Ocean and the extensive golfing ground of Monarch Beach. A private indoor zone and an inviting fireside are the other exclusive features of Club 19.

From the plush appointed suites to elegantly designed rooms, dedicated fitness center to exclusive kids’ club and tennis club to golfing, – St. Regis Monarch Beach offers you with some outstanding conveniences. Don’t forget the spa services and six delicious dining options as well. And if you can become a member of this prestigious property in Orange County, you can also avail of discounted price for your wedding – something that can be given a thought, really.